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Has Anyone Read James Levine's Book Move a LIttle Loose a Lot?

Wondering if anyone has read this book.

Just in case you don't know, James Levine is credited with the person who came up with or at least promoted the idea of a treadmill desk.

His book provides a lot of information on why using a treadmill desk is a good idea. Reading it certainly gave me more incentive to use my treadmill desk as much as possible.

Some of his points are:

- One of the reasons people are becoming obese in this country is that with so many labor saving devices, people aren't expending the calories they use to.

- Even if people exercise at the gym regularly unless they spend a real large amount of time at the gym, their caloric expenditure only adds a little to a person's daily caloric usage. Something like treadmill walking can increase the caloric expenditure significantly more.

- When someone sits for a long period of time their body goes into an "idle" mode similar to personal computers now that go into "sleep mode." When the body is in an "idle" mode the caloric expenditure goes way down. Also the body's chemicals it produces to consume fat decreases. Thus even if you don't treadmill walk for work it is good idea to get up and do some walking every hour to help keep the body out of "idle" mode.

- Slower walking such as a treadmill desk develops the slower twitch muscles that do a better job of burning fat than the fast twitch muscles typically produced with a gym workout.

- I don't remember if he said this in his book but various places will state that even if you do workout at the gym say 3 times per week, if you are sedentary the rest of the time such as a desk job you are still at risk. You need more activity than just gym exercise.

- James Levine claimed that a major difference between a lean person and an overweight person was how my non exercise physical activity they did.

As I stated before, reading the book and doing a Google search on him certainly gave me incentive to continue to use my treadmill desk when possible and work up to more usage.

I would be curious to hear other people's thoughts and comments on this.

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