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What is it with carpenters and other construction guys?? You give them a simple task like, "Cut down this tabletop", and they disappear for weeks.  Sigh.

Well, I have been making do with my shelf resting on the handrails. I've raised the level of the keyboard and mousing surface with books, and that is good for posture and shoulders. And just yesterday I affixed the large monitor to a swingarm (off of Amazon for $30 or so).
This brings the monitor to head level and also closer (the right distance from my eyes) and this also helps my posture and shoulders. Once that carpenter gets back with my desk top and I have my set-up all perfected, I will post pics.

As for weight loss, I don't seem to have lost any more than that initial 2 lbs, but I really feel like I am inhabiting the body I used to inhabit before I got this sedentary job. I walk faster both on and off the treadmill. I am averaging about 5.5 miles a day. One day last week I did 9 miles, including 2 miles out in the real world with my neighbour.  I start out at 1.8mph and quickly raise the speed to 2 or 2.2mph and also raise the incline a bit. When I am not working but just doing a brisk walk while watching a video or something, I usually go at 3.2.

Because we have been away on a few excursions, I haven't treaded for the usual 6 days a week for the past couple of weeks, but it is unimportant. This is not a short term weight loss project but a change in working lifestyle. Just standing at a counter computing makes my back hurt, and sitting makes me into an abalone. Walking while working gives me better posture, more energy and makes me feel more dynamic.

And I am developing buns of steel! ;-)

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