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I've worked my first 6 days using the treadmill. An hour at a time, a few times a day, as I feel inclined. I'm not trying to walk virtually to anywhere, nor max out calories burned or rack up pulse rates. But it is gratifying to be able to say, "I walked 4 miles today".

Still haven't got the keyboard shelf on its own supports, but I'm making do with the slightly vibrating wire shelf. I do wish I were better at touch typing, but then, in my job, I also have to switch back and forth between different scripts/languages so I would have to be a genius to be able to do that without looking!

In the past 6 days, I have walked 20 miles, including 3 miles of real walkies on our road. I don't really notice what my legs are doing, though I do notice typing and mousing are harder. You just forget that your legs are walking walking walking.

So much easier than forcing oneself to use an exercycle! It's not really exercising, you're just moving.

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