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Office walker walking towards health

2 years now. 1,820 miles in my office. The tread is still good. I put a calendar reminder once per month to vacuum around and under the hood. I lubricate the tread belt from time to time.

My body weight has been very stable (some fluctuation). My vacation was spent hiking in England 60-70 miles in 6 days and it was easy!

I am happy with my tread desk tread. My health is good, but the office walking didn't do anything about my blood lipids which are out of whack. My next health thing is to cut way back on carbs and substitute with fat. I tried this LCHF diet for one week and I really liked to not have hunger pangs every few hours. 

The LCHF is a paradigm shift that in general states that saturated fats are not the enemy! eat much less carbs and substitute carbs for protein and fat. Eat vegetables which grow above ground, less potatoes and beets and roots. Full fat dairy and meat and veggies are good. Eat until you feel full and don't eat until you are hungry again. Don't count calories, go with your own feeling.

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