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Treadmill has been playing up these past few weeks. Belt not staying at constant speed , motor smelling and loosing wireless connection every time I started up. I thought the stories of prolonged walking pace had finished it off. Doing a bit of research I noticed I should have been using the container of silicon grease on the belt every few months. I've been walking now for 18 Months with no maintenance. So I greased belt up and still no improvement.

Before I start looking at ebay I thought I would take the thing to pieces to see if I could see what the problem was.

See the pictures of all the crap I found in there. The belt rollers had areas of built up rubber and there was dog hair and dust covering every moving part. So I took it all apart and gave it a good clean, reassembled and re-greased. I've left the covers off underneath so I can lift it up and have a peak and brush off any accumulations. It now runs well and is much quieter than before.

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Comment by shonofear on February 19, 2013 at 12:53pm

I lube every 2-4 weeks if walking 3-5hrs a day. I also use 100% pure silicon oil.

also vacuum around the belt area, and clean the dust around the motor (fan).

walk on !!!


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