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As previously requested by bdrhoa, here is a report (in two parts) on how it all turned out for me and the treadmill desk...

Last summer (2008) I was so excited about the idea of working and exercising at the same time that I asked my direct supervisor about it and told him all of my plans (literally, I'd drawn a floorplan to scale) for implementing a treadmill desk setup in my office and he said it sounded great/exciting and he couldn't wait to see it...I also asked the Dept Chair if I could change my office, get new furniture, decorate differently, etc. He said, "Of course, of course. Do whatever you need to! We want you to be happy and stay here at least 10 years." I was surprised that they were so open to this but finally made the plunge and bought my treadmill. I assembled it all by myself in the storage room across the hall from my office during lunch periods and other moments (sometimes after work) when noone was in my office and, after enlisting the maintenance guys' help in moving out my old desk and moving the finished treadmill in, I built a desk around it with filecabinets and a wooden board cut to size (of course the guys but this for me...they are really great). It worked fairly well. It was not so easy to reach the controls when I needed to stop the machine and the significant height of the whole getup was even more imposing for the many visitors to my office than the old monolithic desk I had before. But I did get work done, had plenty of deskspace, and exercised far more than I would normally do sitting on my butt in my office all day working on the computer or, worse, doing tedious paperwork. Even better though, this started to inspire my colleagues to get out and exercise more and once, when they didn't know I was in the mainoffice, I overhead them talking together about how they might also like something similar except they didn't think they could type while walking (worked for me!) and about how wonderful it would be to have a gym in the department, just for the staff. Of course, the latter is pure fantasy since we don't even have our own bathroom but instead have to walk to the other side of the building when in need, which is not so much exercise as it is just "water"torture...

...Stay Tuned this Friday for the Conclusion, Tales of the Treadmill Desk: Part II

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