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Things To Consider When Buying Custom Boardroom Tables

If you are in the marketing for a brand new custom boardroom tables, there are a number of things that you need to consider before placing an order – this will ensure that you have made the right choice for your needs rather than a costly mistake. In the list below, we have taken a closer look at 5 of the main considerations that you need to keep in mind:

▪ Size of the Room

You need to determine whether the size of the table is proportionate to the room, whether enough comfortable seating can be provided and whether there is enough walking space to avoid cluttering up the room. We recommend leaving around 3 feet of walking space (from the backs of the chairs when pulled out to the walls).

▪ Maximum Number of People

It is important that you select a table that complements the size of your organisation. Choosing one that is too large is only going to use up valuable space, whilst choosing one that is too small will create a bad impression on visitors – especially if there isn’t enough seating. As a general rule of thumb, a 6 foot table sits 6 people and so on.

▪ Purpose of the Room

Another aspect to be considered is the purpose of the room. Is it primarily used for discussions and audiovisual presentations? Or are ceremonial events regularly conducted in it? It’s important that you choose a comfortable, convenient and functional table that fits your requirements as well as looking fantastic.

▪ Choice of Material

What sort of finish or material are you looking for? Laminate can be a stylish and economical choice, whereas timber veneer can provide a classy and innovative touch. You should go for a design that looks professional and that matches the décor of the room perfectly. If the room is currently empty, look for inspiration elsewhere around the office.

▪ Choice of Colour

Harmonizing your furniture with its surroundings can bring a truly sophisticated and professional appeal to the décor of the space. Think about the colour of your existing furniture (is it all white or stained timber?) and the colour scheme of your office as a whole (do you have a feature wall or is it all neutral?).

At the end of the day, your choice in custom boardroom table will come down to one thing – personal preference. Just remember that it will say a lot about your brand, particularly to first time visitors, and that it will provide convenience for your employees. By keeping each of the above considerations in mind, rest assured that you’ll be making the best possible choice.

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