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TreadDesk Update - Tread dead after 2 years

My Treaddesk Tread started making loud buzzing noises last September just a month outside of the 2-year warranty expired. 

I contacted Treadesk who thought it was probably the capacitor on the controller board, I could replace the board for $100 including shipping. I opted to replace the capacitor myself, as that could be sourced for $15. 

Replacing the cap didn't seem to make much difference. Initially the noise went away, but then the entire tread would cut out after 25 seconds, after a few attempts that problem went away and the really loud  clicking/buzzing noise is back.  The motor also sounds like its laboring most of the time, today I started it up and it sounded like dump truck. Certainly doesn't encourage you to power it up and walk. 

I could try replacing the entire board, but I'm loathe to spend another $100 on this thing. I wasn't that impressed when I got it, for the price $971 I was disappointed that it squeaked and slipped straight out of the box, and felt rather cheaply made. Now it's only lasted 2 years I certainly can't recommend it to anyone. 

When this finally dies I'm going to look at the LifeSpan 1200-DT3, which TreadDesk also sells, but I will not be purchasing from them as more than one email has gone unanswered. 

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