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Treadmill Workstation location is going to kill me

Like I mentioned previously. I think i made a mistake putting my
treadmill in the bedroom. I really need to work on my living room
solution (blending in with the decor). My wife slept in today because
she was off work. So I started working on the coach. Definitely not a
good way to start the day.

Wrote another post bemoaning the subject on my personal blog as well.
Location, Location, Location of Your Treadmill Workstation

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Comment by bdrhoa on October 7, 2010 at 3:16pm
Yep, I'm in the bedroom too and have similar frustrations. But my only other option would be the garage, and it's just way too hot here for that work.
Comment by L T Hanley on October 8, 2010 at 5:51pm
I have the utmost sympathy regarding spouses with different sleeping patterns/needs but living in a house built when two people were expected to share a double bed I can’t help but be jealous that you have bedrooms large enough to hold a bed and a treadmill.

Have you considered buying your wife a nice fluffy comforter that matches the living room décor and working on convincing her that the air quality is far superior in the living room so her daylight snoozing should be on the couch? It might work. : )
Comment by Kyle on October 9, 2010 at 12:22pm
@L T Hanley: LOL. I live in a nice 1 bedroom apartment. The bedroom is surprisingly large enough to hold the bed and a treadmill. I'm very thankful for the apartment, so I'm sorry I came across as if I were complaining. I only wish I had thought about the fact that my wife and I live pretty different schedules some days, which prevents me from using the treadmill when I want to. Her sleep in the bed is more important on a daily basis than me having those hours on a treadmill. The comforter is a funny comment though, so I'm going to mention it to her in jest.

All in all, someday if I have a two bedroom house, my problems would be solved. For now, I have either the living room or bedroom to choose from, and as it turns out, the living room was a better idea. I should have spent more time contemplating how to disguise a treadmill in the living room than building shelves in the bedroom. When school and work calm down I'm going to figure it out. :)


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