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Dear Colleagues,

I will be preparing to move my entire Dept to another location in several weeks. I almost went through with getting a "walking desk" the last time we moved, but I wasn't able to get my research done on time. I am hoping to remedy that this time and get a walkstation for my new location.

How many users out there have had any success in getting the company to pay for the desk?

How many users out there have their desks adjacent to other workers in more traditional workstations? Any complaints about the noise? or just the distraction of having a constantly moving object next to them?

I am only 5"0" tall. Is there user on this blog, with equally vertical challenges that can tell me if the height adjustments will accomodate someone of my lofty stature?

Who else besides Steelcase is out there selling these things?

Have any of you abandoned your walking stations? If so, why?

Do any of you "Share" your walking stations with another co-worker? How is that working out?

Sorry for all the questions.

I have been trying to prepare myself for this change. We have a regular Nordic Trac treadmill at home. I have had my husband attach a plywood desk that hangs from the grabbar rails. Because it hangs below the rails, it is ergonomically perfect for my hands/wrists to reach the keyboard of the laptop that I sit on it. Unfortunately, after an hour and half the treadmill motor cuts out so it won't overheat.

I have never had trouble walking and typing or reading or using the phone on my little homemade desk. I do experience signficant pain in my left hip and wonder if it is due to walking on the treadmill, since I never experience this pain when I simply walk for the same length and period of time outside. Has anyone else experienced pain that only occurs from treadmill walking as opposed to outside normal level terrain walking?

Thanks for any comments you might share. I am really hoping I can pursue this for my next office location.


R. Monarch

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Comment by shonofear on May 19, 2009 at 9:09pm
Hi and welcome...
Ive been walking and working for around 1 month now and can say im really loving it. I have the ocassional days where parts of my body was hurting, and yes also my left hip, I was thinking maybe one of my legs may be slightl taller than the other, not sure though.
But these pains have not returned for some time now, maybe it will come back maybe not, might be from over using the treadmill desk or maybe my body has adjusted to the conditions and the problem won't return (hopefully thats it)
I am currently a home worker but am a little concerned about it being accepted in a Post Production facility where I get contract work at, but who knows, I remember a few people with stand up desks so throwing a treadmill under it shouldn't be much of a big deal yea...? only at low speeds (1mph or less) for less sound distractions.
I'd encourage you to try and get the company to pay for the desk, worth a try :P
I can honestly say I feel 200 times better after using the treadmill desk compared to sitting down for the same amount of time, at least my bum doesn't go numb and get pins and needles in legs :o anymore
Hope others can give you good advice as well,
all the best
keep on a walking
Comment by SignatureTreadmillDesks on June 11, 2009 at 1:14pm
Hey, Signature Treadmill Desks offer a completely height adjustable treadmill desk for sharing with co-workers. The design is great, and the price is even better.
Comment by rockvillage on June 13, 2009 at 9:51am
I have the TreadDesk treadmill. Fine for home. It is a bit noisier that the Steelcase one, though, which I test-walked at one of their stores. The Steelcase one also has more cushioning but by having good walking shoes I don't think that is really an issue. I don't have this in the office environment, just at home. My company has no interest in funding anything like this, although maybe if I was able to get a doctor's note. They have funded some special ergonomic desk set-ups.
Comment by R. Monarch on June 13, 2009 at 12:51pm
Thanks for the input from everyone. I am also curious what speeds people are walking at? Do you all keep it steady throughout the day - at 1 mph or do you mix it up a bit? Does greater speed mean greater noise from the treadmill motor?

Also, has anyone seen a model that uses the actual walking to recharge a battery operated motor or in some way regenerate electricity to be used by the computer or machine itself? That would be a my ideal machine, but I don't know if anyone has come across it.
Thanks - Roseanne
Comment by shonofear on June 13, 2009 at 1:17pm
Speeds are variable for me, right now I'm walking slow motion at 0.8 kph (slowest setting) with little to no noise because its 5am in the morning and have a guest sleeping the the room next to mine...
But i find that at 0.8 kph i can also manage to do some pretty precise pixel perfect work (Compositing/photo work), though I'm still adjusting every time, I think if my treadmill even went slower 0.3-0.5 kph i think that would be perfect, only reason because I hate standing in 1 spot without moving at all (knees hurt really fast).
But if just browsing net/researching/reading stuff i like to walk at 3.2 kph (2 mph), the fastest ive walked was 4.5 kph but does get VERY NOISY, probably cause I have a el'cheapo 2nd hand Treadmill (does not do incline as well, which would be a nice feature).
I think that walking at slowest speed would make it possible to have it it an office environment, its really slow moving but at least beats sitting down getting numb bum :P
I really don't think the power regenerate would work imo, you would have to be using a non-motorised treadmill and im pretty sure from others tests and conclusions that manual treadmill are not ideal for a treadmill desk.
anyhoo, hope that helps
C ya
Comment by Anthony J Daws on January 30, 2010 at 4:08pm
Hey Monarch, did you end up going through with this idea with your new location?


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