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This is a picture of the desk (raised to standing position) before we added the treadmill earlier this week.

And below is the picture of the desk with the treadmill & bamboo chair mat added. 

The Swedish powered desk is beautiful and spacious - and honestly the desk is where we spent more money - not so much on the treadmill.

The treadmill is a pretty cheap model ($249) - but this was an experiment. I suspect in the near future we'll be upgrading to a better model--but we wanted to start with one that wasn't too expensive. 

Notice the Pledge & rag in the lower corner--occasionally we have to Pledge the treadmill to get it to work more quietly -- otherwise the friction of my weight walking on the belt (and I'm not that heavy) makes the engine groan/struggle a bit at times it seems.

I'm comfortable typing and mousing at 1.1 MPH - and that's my preferred setting. My greatest learning curve is to not roll my hips on the narrow walking path and to try to have a natural gait. 

After my first full (nearly 6 hours solid walking) day I had over 11,000 steps but my right hip ached from poor walking posture! 

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